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Thermal Kill, Bed Bug Exterminator specialist using safe and
bed bug removal treatment for commercial and residential
customers. We use a patented heat bed bug extermination system
process that eliminates the use of dangerous and poisonous
chemicals to remove bed bugs. If you are looking for bed bug
management, bed bug removal or seeking for a bed bug
extermination machine for sale, we have you covered with one call.
Feel free to give us a call anytime for a no obligation consultation to
see what services will be the right one for your situation on how to kill
bed bugs.
Thermal Kill
463 East Parkway
Gatlinburg, TN 37738
Member of the International Bed Bug Resource Authority
Thank you for this opportunity to introduce my company, ThermalKill Heat Remediation.  We are the premier
solution for the eradication of bed bugs.  We use no chemicals. Chemical treatments have proven to be expensive
and ineffective. We use powerful electric heaters to bring infested areas to temperatures in excess of 140 degrees,
thereby killing all stages of the bed bug life cycle. Using our system, it is unnecessary to throw away any furniture or
mattresses, thereby saving hundreds over conventional approaches.

We are able to solve most infestations for a range of $250 to $350 per room, based on cubic footage.  However, it
isn’t the low price that sets us apart from the competition…it is our 100% Guarantee. We are so sure of our
effectiveness that we will guarantee any room to be free of bed bug activity for a full 45 days after completion of our

Bed bugs spend 7 days in the egg stage.  That is why it always seems like they come back a week after you’ve
treated with chemicals.  Chemicals may kill adult bed bugs, but will never get to the eggs.  They are buried in the
walls, the carpet, the furniture, the box spring and the mattresses. We can successfully heat all these items and the
walls to beyond the critical fatal temperature of 120 degrees, while doing no damage to them, successfully killing all
stages of the bed bug life cycle.

Within 10 days you should know if our treatment was successful.  Should any activity be observed within the
guaranteed 45 day period, we will return and re-treat the room for free until all life stages are removed.  Our
diligence and our commitment are designed to offer you the reliable solution you desire.

Our service does not conflict with any existing pesticide contract you may have. We handle no chemicals and are
pleased to work with whoever handles your current pest control.

Please take advantage of our above listed offer.  It is our way of proving to you that we want your business, and
have faith in our treatment. We are not just a service…we are a solution!
Bed Bug Extermination Facts