How do I get rid of or kill bed bugs? Knoxville, TN Bed Bug Exterminators. We offer the solution with our service-marked ThermalKill Heat Remediation System that uses safe electric heat instead of poisonous pesticides or chemicals. We also arrive in a discrete vehicle. So if you are looking for a Bed Bug Exterminator in your area or if you just need a Bed Bug Extermination Service, please give us a call or fill out the online form request
and we can start the bed bug removal process.

We are able to solve most infestations for a range of $250 to $350 per room, based on square feet.  However, it isn’t the low price that sets us apart from the competition…it is our 100% guarantee. We are so sure of our effectiveness that we will guarantee any room to be free of bed bug activity for a full 45 days after completion of our treatment.

Within 10 days you should know if our treatment was successful.  Should any activity be observed within the guaranteed 45 day period, we will return and re-treat the room for free until all life stages are removed.  Our diligence and our commitment are designed to offer you the reliable solution you desire.

Please take advantage of our above listed offer.  It is our way of proving to you that we want your business, and have faith in our treatment. We are not just a service…we are a solution! “HEAT REMEDIATION SERVICES FOR THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY”